Top Questions Asked

Q. What is a Guaranteed Renewed Personal Computer?

A. BES developed a written standard procedure that is followed and applied to the process of renewing incoming personal computers. Only after passing our standard process, the unit’s internal serial number, Performance Test Benchmarks, and real time photographs are recorded and documented for all interested buyers to review as a finished Guaranteed Renewed Personal Computer.

Q. Are the computers clean?

A. Each personal computer is disassembled to validate the cooling fans and battery function. Each cooling fan, heatsinks, battery, keyboard and frame enclosure is vacuumed cleaned and blown free from debris. Any missing screws or feet with be replaced and tightened. The body enclosure and screen display will be disinfected and finally polished.

Q. What are the PCs Guarantee?

A. Each PC comes with a 30 day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee with return shipping included. Each system also has a standard hardware warranty of 60 days, or an upgraded one year or two year hardware warranty starting at the date delivered from the carrier.

Q. What’s the difference between your Guaranteed Renewed and eBay’s Certified Refurbished?

A. Experience, details, and care to the customer’s questions or needs are the elements that separate our Guaranteed from their Certified. BES tests and records various specifics of each PC that other market vendors may not require testing. Our written standard procedure allows technicians to test unusual requests such as screen color depth, or audio latency times, and even the exact percentage of health on the battery. This allows total information transparency between the customer, BES, and the product.

Q. What’s replaced in a Guaranteed Renewed Personal Computer?

A. We use a combination of new, used, and generic components sourced from manufacturers or aftermarket distributors to satisfy our specific replacement requirements.