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24K Gold Plated Herringbone Chain Extra Wide Necklace Lobster Claw

Leticia Collection

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This chain is a great alternative to its expensive solid gold counterpart and one of the best gifts to buy for a friend! It is made of 24K gold plated extra wide herringbone stainless steel and excellent quality! Stainless steel is a durable metal that is resistant to corrosion. Shines great, looks great! All chains are brand new and come in new packaging. Buy one for yourself or for a friend today!

It's bright and shiny gift for your best friend! Over a quarter inch wide and about 1 mm thick, it's very sturdy, but without being too heavy. The chain is in excellent condition with no visible wear to the gold plating. 

Weighs 32 grams/ 1.1 ounces

7 mm / .28" wide

24" / 61 cm in total length

Large, 16 mm lobster claw clasp.

Stamped, "24K GP" 

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