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How do we save you money? (BES) is committed to offering BIG savings on Laptop PC, tablet PC, and desktop PC. BES actively presents detailed certifications, reliability, and analysis reports of all product listings. Our aim is to inform you and gain the confidence of purchasing Guaranteed Renewed Computers while providing amazing values to you from BES. With a guaranteed renewed PC you can:

  1. Immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of the PCs throughout your business or organization, without breaking the budget.
  2. Stretch your budget and expand the number of PCs you can acquire for increased productiveness.
  3. Have the confidence of knowing that your PC has been professionally renewed with genuine Microsoft software.

How is Technical Support?

Real People Technical Customer Support

Only Big Easy Savings by ChipsXP actively guarantees and renews Laptop PC, Tablet PC, Desktop PC consisting of:

  1. Each Guaranteed Renewed Computer is installed with current and correct library of drivers and security updates — enhancing control and fast implementation into your business or organization.
  2. Each Guaranteed Renewed Computer is benchmarked for processor, memory, hard disk, and graphic performance levels and abilities. The results are posted showing flawless benchmark indexes of each exercise and proving real hardware specifications.
  3. Each posting shows that the Guaranteed Renewed Computer passes with no glitches and battery charge value.
  4. Our Guaranteed Renewed Computer is serialized to record a 60 day hardware warranty and 30 day hassle-free money back guarantee.
  5. Each Guaranteed Renewed Computer is photographed at 16 megapixels with Nikon cameras to show real cosmetic classifications of body, screen, and keyboard.
Secured payments for all certified premium computers by Big Easy Savings
Secured payments for all guaranteed renewed computers by Big Easy Savings

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results